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Home based therapy to a TKS student

Our program took a turn in the 'new normal' under our strategic and funding partner IDFC

FIRST Bank for 2020-2021.  COVID had hit the world and there were multiple challenges to deal with especially with respect to operate physical centres.

However we onboarded 4 new partner organizations along with Vatsalya Trust. We focused on providing a digital capacity building program to empower the staff and organization to run structured Primary Intervention Units for children upto 10 years with Developmental delay.


BGCT over the years came across many families from Eastern India who had to relocate for the lack of services and knowledge. Hemce along with Karnataka, we chose West Bengal as another state for our outreach.

 Vatsalya Trust (Hospete), B D Tatti Memorial Charitable Trust (Laxmeswar), Ashadeepa Angavikalara Sarva Abhiwruddhi Seva Samasthe(Ilekal), Sankalpa (Davangere) in Karnataka and Transcendent Knowledge Society (Kolkata) in West Bengal are the partners.


We had our virtual launch on 9th September, 2020 in the presence of IDFC FIRST Bank . We focused on technical capacity building of the field staff and tools to provide home-based intervention (since physical centres were non-operational) to implement the outreach program effectively during these challenging times. The program had specialized subject matter experts to support with their knowledge and experience. 

August 2021, we completed year 2 through Manthan, a 2 day celebration and immersive reflective workshop.

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