Pragati Towards Livelihood is a skill training center addressing the needs of those above 15 years of age. Pragati towards Livelihood equips young adults with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities with vocational skills and work skills to be ready for employment. Started in July 2017, Pragati Towards Livelihood focusses on preparing skill equipped individuals towards real world employment opportunities. Pragati believes in an inclusive workplace to accommodate adults with a wide spectrum of skills where a role can be found based on their skill levels. 

Autism affects individuals in multiple ways. It also manifests in different ways in adults, who were once children with Autism. They too, need understanding, acceptance and awareness. This requires a step by step approach and proper planning. Currently, there are no models or centers that offer young adults with Autism the requisite skills leading to Employment possibilities. With no model to emulate, Biswa Gouri Charitable Trust opened its skill training unit Pragati for 16 years and older with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other Developmental Disorders.

Aim is to create an inclusive workplace to accommodate adults with wide spectrum of skills where a role can be found based on their proficiency levels. Pragati is working to establish a sustainable vocational skill training enterprise for individuals with Autism to help achieve an independent life. Pragati will be a simulated work environment where adults with Autism can acquire skills to move to any of the following workplace roles 
  • Work in an inclusive organization 
  • Work at self-employment with help of family and peers 
  • Work at assisted social enterprise with other adults with Autism with assistance from a support group

Pragati will remain an anchor for all its students for upskilling, re-skilling, coping support even after they have moved into their respective workplace roles. In case of behavior outburst or job difficulties, Pragati will intervene and work on a valued social role again. Pragati has a current enrolment of 40 trainees aged 16 and above with Autism and other Developmental Disorders.