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Skill competencies leading to Socially Valued Roles

A dedicated space for our graduates to work, contribute to society, and earn a livelihood.

A space for our graduates to continue learning, grow, feel at home and be a valued member of the BGCT family.

A space for our graduates to engage with the community, create art, express themselves and work.

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A day at the workstation

The workstation at Pragati, was inaugurated on the 15th of August 2022.

It also marked the completion of the training for our first batch of trainees.

The proud graduates, accepted the roles of interns at the workstation.

Our interns spend busy days at the workstation, competing live projects based on their skill competencies.

They proudly take on the responsibility of completing the orders received by our production units.

They work as proof readers, do data research and reporting, mosaic artists, hand block printers and assitants in the production units.

Together our interns play valued roles and and very proud to be productive earning members of their families and the society.


Pragati Towards Livelihood

Contact:  +91 886 187 1241

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